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Now, most of you would think that the Godzilla sequel would be a lot better than the original from 2014 after watching 3 trailers and a few Tv Spots. To be honest, I was thinking the exact thing but after I watched the movie (at midnight), I was confused with how would I rate the sequel. It though was entertaining, but it also had various issues.
The sequel showed us a lot more entertaining content, many Kaiju monsters made an appearance here, Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah and countless others (not really!). From the trailer, we could see them waking up from nature and started battling without knowing where the good side is and the bad one is.
The various issues I mentioned came from the performances, the acting. The movie starred Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell, Vera Farmiga as Emma Russell, Milly Bobby Brown (Y’all know her as Eleven from Stranger Things) as Madison Russell and of course, Ken Watanabe as Dr. Serizawa as he appeared in the first movie. Gotta be honest, the acting was really disappointing, the movie didn’t even care about them and they just acted like people who wanted to be a machine or a robot (maybe?). Their screenshorts weren’t much but I’ve gotta say, Milly Bobby Brown wasn’t as good as I thought she was going to be, like she hadn’t much to do in this movie. All she did was to sit down and weep until something came as a surprise, even when she came back home, she screamed and also covered her ears, even when Ghidorah was going to kill her, she didn’t run away, but instead, she screamed. The other casts, they didn’t had much to do as well and I was a bit disappointed in Ken Watanabe as Dr. Serizawa. He didn’t lead much in the movie, it was left to the military and we didn’t get much screenshots of him. Another big problem about the acting is the deaths, and these deaths are no unnecessary. It’s not like normal deaths. They’re deaths of the main characters, some made sacrifices and some accidentally died. However, the characters who were alive didn’t think about it like they’re robots, a non-human being. They didn’t even have a reaction, especially when Dr. Serizawa made his and Dr. Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins)’s. Chen (Zhang Ziyi) was just like “for Serizawa” without tears when we got to the final battle. In short, the acting was emotionless.
The script was also kinda badly written as there was not much for the characters to say, to discuss about some issues they’re having. It’s just that the human characters can talk so they need to have more to discuss. I did hear some of their long discussions but they were a bit confusing and non-fans would find them annoying and hard to understand as they don’t know what’s going on with the movie.
Everybody is true, the whole movie was completely entertaining and that’s a bit of a problem. We could see lots and lots of action sequences. Monsters here and there, biting others, eating and destroying buildings (that’s what American Godzilla Movies are meant to be for fans). There were lots of military forces on Godzilla’s side and everything went chaotic. And the final battle was 98% epic with spectacular cinematography and outstanding visual effects (98% AWESOME). I was really impressed with what they’ve done for 5 years (well, not much really!). The problem is that they had like too much screenshots on the battles but the monsters still didn’t get enough screen time and so were the human characters. That’s a really big issue here. Therefore, many scenes that were unnecessary scenes are completely forgettable, even the jokes I laughed at, I could barely remember. It’s just something that should be added to the “Deleted Scenes”.
That’s everything I could review about the sequel. It was extremely exciting, entertaining with its EPIC battles and jaw-dropping VFX, but those things couldn’t make the story any better. The key to a good story was a really big chance but the chance was wasted over the disappointing performances and as a Godzilla fan, I was half positive and half negative so let’s just call this mixed.