The last two years of Princess Diana's life: her campaign against land mines and her relationship with surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan.

Khởi chiếu: 18/10/2013 tại Việt Nam
Thể loại:
Đạo diễn: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Diễn viên

Naomi Watts

Princess Diana

Naveen Andrews

Dr. Hasnat Khan

Charles Edwards

Patrick Jephson

Lee Asquith-Coe

Police Officer

Cas Anvar

Dodi Fayed

Geraldine James

Oonagh Toffolo

Michael Byrne

Christian Barnard

Douglas Hodge

Paul Burrell

Mary Stockley


Chris Cowlin


Daniel Pirrie

Jason Fraser

Raffaello Degruttola

Mario Brenna

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