Hadewijch (Julie Sokolowski), a young novice Sister, is a fanatic Christian making herself suffer by fasting and standing in the winter rain. The Mother Superior (Brigitte Mayeux-Clergot) expels her deeming her blind faith dangerous. She becomes Céline again, daughter of a parisian diplomat. She meets a young man named Yassine (played by Yassine Salim), but tells him that she cannot fall in love with him because she is in love with Jesus; she is still a virgin and planning to stay that way.
He introduces her to his brother Nassir (Karl Sarafidis), a radical Muslim who convinces her to participate in a terrorist attack in the Paris metro. Afterwards she tries to commit suicide by drowning in a pond but she is rescued by a young ex-convict.

Thể loại: Drama, Foreign
Đạo diễn: Bruno Dumont

Diễn viên

Julie Sokolowski

Céline vel Hadewijch

Yassine Salime

Yassine Chikh

Karl Sarafidis

Nassir Chikh