Leaves of Grass

Leaves of Grass

An Ivy League classics professor becomes mixed up in his lawless identical twin's drug dealings after receiving word that his brother has been murdered, and returning to Oklahoma to discover he's been hoodwinked. To say that Bill Kincaid (Edward Norton) is ashamed of his upbringing is an understatement at best. Turning his back on his working-class parents and working diligently to erase any traces of his Southern accent, Bill develops a reputation as a true scholar dedicated to excellence and philosophical exploration. His brother, Brady (also Norton), on the other hand, grows weed. Arriving home to find Brady very much alive, Bill winds up mending bridges with their capricious mother, Daisy (Susan Sarandon), and reluctantly agrees to help his brother out of a tight jam involving notorious drug kingpin Pug Rothbaum (Richard Dreyfuss), who might just send both siblings to an early grave. Meanwhile, Bill can't help noticing that free-spirited poet Janet (Keri Russell) has somehow managed to find true happiness in the most unlikely surroundings. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Thể loại: Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Indie
Đạo diễn: Tim Blake Nelson

Diễn viên

Susan Sarandon

Daisy Kincaid

Richard Dreyfuss

Pug Rothbaum

Edward Norton

Bill Kincaid / Brady Kincaid

Lucy DeVito

Anne Greenstein

Kent Jude Bernard

Philosophy Student

Amelia Campbell

Maggie Harmon

Leo Fabian


Pruitt Taylor Vince

Big Joe Sharpe

Tina Parker


Ty Burrell

Professor Sorenson

Lee Wilkof

Professor Nathan Levy

Josh Pais

Ken Feinman

Lisa Benavides

Suzie Feinman

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