ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction

An idyllic island town is under attack by that most invasive of pests: zombies! Port Gamble is being overrun with braineaters, and the people seem powerless to stave them off. But wait, a rag tag band of rebels is trying to turn the side and push the invading hoards of undead back. It sounds familiar, sure, but this time stereotypes are on parade (and parody) in a retake of zombie thriller. We have the ful compliment of cinematic shorthand, including the closeted small town boy who has gone to the city and returns with his pushy boyfriend in tow; the angry, hard-working, heavy-accented, immigrand from a Muslim country who is overprotective of his beautiful daughter, the hippie peacenik environmentalist, the fire and brimstone reverend who hates everything you?d expect him to, and many more. Enter the zombies. Gore aounds (really abounds) and send-up of zombie movie clich?s where no subculture escapte unscathed.

Khởi chiếu: 01/01/2009 tại Mỹ
Thể loại: Horror
Đạo diễn: Kevin Hamedani

Diễn viên

Janette Armand

Frida Abbas

Doug Fahl

Tom Hunt

Cooper Hopkins

Lance Murphy

Bill Johns

Reverend Haggis

Ali Hamedani

Ali Abbas