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Điểm danh 4 phim kinh dị bị cấm chiếu tại Việt Nam từ đầu năm 2019

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Rất nhiều bộ phim kinh dị lại không vượt qua được các bước kiểm duyệt nghiêm ngặt khi vào thị trường Việt Nam và từ đầu năm 2019 đến giờ chứng kiến sự khai tử của 4 bộ phim.

Doanh thu cuối tuần qua – Aladdin mở màn ấn tượng, Endgame đang vuột mất cơ hội vượt qua Avatar

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Top 5 doanh thu Bắc Mỹ chứng kiến sự lên ngôi của Aladdin.

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TomTag 7

Brightburn was known to be a movie that was about a boy who was the EVIL, DARK version of Superman with the same origin and powers. It is the directorial debut of David Yarovesky. It’s about a kid named Brandon Breyer with a Superman origin and raised by a couple in a farm and then when he grew up, he turned into something far more SINISTER. One surprising thing was James Gunn brought 2 members of his family to write the script while he’s producing the movie. Unfortunately, it was banned in my country but I had found an easy way to watch it in a free website. How lucky I was!
The performances are okay, with Elizabeth Banks being Tori Breyer and David Denman as Kyle Breyer but I think the most impressive performance given here is Jackson A. Dunn being Brandon Breyer, the evil version of Superman. His role was actually one of the roles that are too mature for child actors like Kirsten Dunst being Claudia from Interview with A Vampire (1994), Linda Blair being Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist (1973), the cast of the Losers’ Club from IT (1990) (2017). However, Dunn could handle it and he was really good with being Brandon. He had this dark personality and character. Superman was good and Brandon was like “Now I’m gonna kill you all!”. He didn’t even give anyone a chance to survive, except for one but the others, they all die. I won’t spoil it.
The special effects made the movie looked really expensive but it was only $7 million and that means the movie was cheap and I was really impressed with the whole thing they did with just $7 million. They had good cinematography as well. It looked different from Slasher Films but when you watch it , you could feel that it was a Slasher Film. After killing someone, Brandon would be like “Hey I killed this guy, let’s add him into my kill count list to never forget about what I had done. I can draw his dead face as well!” and he did if you saw in the trailer. Many things made this movie really enjoyable and entertaining.
The problem with the movie was the time, how long the movie was, 91 minutes which was really short. They could have add longer so that there would be more about Brandon like Kyle and Tori could’ve find out about Brandon’s identity or the purpose that Brandon had to fly here when he was a baby on a spaceship. It coul be more that just “take the world”.
The ending was the most impressive of all things I liked about Brightburn. It was like many other horror movies where the bad guy wins. The kill counts are innummerable and the bad guy lived happily ever after. Horror movies suck when they have happy endings.
This is not a bad movie. We had a new genre thanks to this, a horror superhero movie. I exclude R-Rated superhero movies like Watchmen or Blade because they are just bloody, not scary. I just hope they could lengthen the movie if they wanted it to be better but then it got mixed from Rotten Tomatoes being 56%, 46% in Metacritic and 6.6 in IMDb. Nevertheless, Brightburn is damn good to me!