Al Pacino stars as detective Dormer who is looking for the culprits who made him take the blame for a crime. The internal affairs office in Los Angeles meanwhile sends him to Alaska to investigate the death of a 17 year old. The film is a remake of the 1997 Norwegian film of the same name.

Thể loại: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Suspense
Đạo diễn: Christopher Nolan

Diễn viên

Hilary Swank

Ellie Burr

Al Pacino

Will Dormer

Robin Williams

Walter Finch

Maura Tierney

Rachel Clement

Martin Donovan

Hap Eckhart

Paul Dooley

Chief Nyback

Nicky Katt

Fred Duggar

Larry Holden


Jay Brazeau


James Hutson

Officer #1

Andrew Campbell

Officer #2

Paula Shaw


Crystal Lowe

Kay Connell

Tasha Simms

Mrs. Connell

Jonathan Jackson

Randy Stetz

Katharine Isabelle

Tanya Francke

Kerry Sandomirsky

Trish Eckhart

Chris Gauthier

Uniformed Officer

Ian Tracey

Warfield (voice)

Kate Robbins

Woman on the Road

Emily Perkins

Girl at Funeral

Dean Wray

Ticket Taker

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