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arnaud arnaud đã đánh giá 8 cho Joker (2019)

Disturbing, intense, oppressive, Mastery.
Visibly inspired by the stunning performance in The Machinist of Brad Anderson, by Christian Bale; Joaquin Phoenix is incredible. It is visceral. I felt the movie.
To create a Monster now days....just throw someone in pain to our modern society. This is a master piece. Phoenix for the Oscar.

arnaud arnaud đã đánh giá 7 cho Spider-Man: Far from Home

It was light, it was entertaining, it was was a Spider-Man movie. No spoilers. I had a fun time and it was a pretty cool movie. As always, they recreate the storyline for the Vilain. Not so sure about Mysterio 2019 but it is solid and surprising. Will give a fair 7/10.

Finally, find some free time to go watch part 3. This is a copy and paste of the two previous movies. Always very entertaining, meanwhile, the story starts to blow itself out. I honestly think making a part 4 is not really necessary but hollywood makes money on the franchise so be it. Btw, love the combo Halle Berry and the dogs, and the surprising return of Fan Boy Mark Dacascos, that was the best part. 6/10

arnaud arnaud đã đánh giá 8 cho Aladdin

Not the 1991 but watching the 2019 version. All haters who were thinking Will Smith would fucked up...he was BRILLANT as the Genius. He hold the whole movie on his shoulders and crushed it. Worth watching. Copy of the original with live actors but still a great time and visually stunning.

arnaud arnaud đã đánh giá 8 cho Alita: Battle Angel

Gosh, i loved it !!! Remind me so much of the original Gunnm !!! It was visually mindblowing and i really dived into it.
Awesome wink at the end of the movie, when you realize who is playing Nova. 8/10 and i will rewatch it this weekend....might even try to sneak my lil boy in. Worth watching !!! Pure pleasure !!!

arnaud arnaud đã đánh giá 8 cho Hai Phượng

That was my first Vietnamese movie. Honestly, it is was ok to watch. It is a KungFu/VoViNam copy of the Taken Movie with Liam Neeson.
Hats off for the woman who play the nurse at the hospital, she cracked me up and thank you for the English subtitles

arnaud arnaud đã đánh giá 6 cho Captain Marvel

Finally, saw the movie. Will make it fast, will make it short. Very disappointed. Thought it was barely entertaining and i am not a fan of the actress. I think she is has no flavor. Visually it is nice but the storyline is so previsible. No surprise. 6/10 well served.

arnaud arnaud đã đánh giá 8 cho La La Land

Trying to catch up on my unseen must watch movies. Got to force myself in this one...and i am very happy i did it. It took me a little bit to get in it...or maybe i think the movie is kinda slow starter...but the last scene is majestic, almost got me in tears. I understand the whole fuzz about it. Will give it a 7.5/10.

arnaud arnaud đã đánh giá 7 cho Shazam!

Just back from Shazaaaaaam movie with my lil family. Really great time and tons of fun. The hero reminds me of a Jimmy Fallon under roids. Nice to have this kind of crazy superhero in the DC universe. Worth watching. Not so sure of the end Power Rangers kinda style. Meanwhile still a good 6.5/10. My son loved it !!!!
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