Ad Astra

Ad Astra

Army Corps engineer Roy McBride embarks on a mission across the galaxy to discover the truth about his father, who disappeared in space 20 years ago while searching for signs of alien life. Though he was once presumed dead, new evidence suggests Roy's father may still be alive, hiding within an abandoned power plant on a distant planet - and that he could potentially pose a dangerous threat to the entire universe.

Khởi chiếu: 24/05/2019 tại Việt Nam
Thể loại: Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction
Đạo diễn: James Gray
Nhà sản xuất: Brad Pitt, James Gray, Dede Gardner, Anthony Katagas, Jeremy Kleiner

Diễn viên

Brad Pitt

Roy McBride

Tommy Lee Jones

Clifford McBride

Jamie Kennedy

Sergeant Peter Bello

Jamie Kennedy

Sergeant Peter Bello

John Ortiz

General Rivas

Greg Bryk

Chip Garnes

Kimberly Elise

Lorraine Deavers

Loren Dean

Donald Stanford

John Finn


Anne McDaniels

Shunga Hologram

LisaGay Hamilton

Adjutent General Amelia Vogel

Kimmy Shields

Sergeant Romano

Alyson Reed

Janice Collins

Ravi Kapoor

Arjun Dhariwal

Bobby Nish

Franklin Yoshida

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